• Ti Chi Warmups
This short video and PDF (download) will provide you with a very wonderful full body energizing workout that takes only 15 minutes.  Ti Chi works amazing health and peace into every cell of your body.
  • Tibetin Rites
These five exercises, though using breath as in Ti Chi, are a little more rigorous, but excellent for clearing toxins from the body as well as releasing and breaking up blocked energies in the body.  Use this useful PDF guide as well as watch the video
  • Kriya Breathing
This intense set of breathing routines are powerful good for you.  Not only do you feel more grounded and calm afterword, but the detoxifying and energizing effects can be most profound.
  • Intro to MS Movie Maker
I love to make movies, music videos with my photos, video and music.  This free, already installed Microsoft application is easy to use, and produces amazingly good video and audio.  This video takes you step by step to make your first movie.  Also see the PDF guide.

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